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PostSubject: Dulce et Decorum est   Dulce et Decorum est Icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2012 6:42 pm

Name: Saphira Odent (Lanayla for the duration of the games)

Age: 17

Race: Caucasian

Appearance: Six feet tall, with a lean, athletic build. Has a tattoo of the numbers "0004" at the small of her back, a slightly crooked nose, and an impressive collection of scars. Large grey-green eyes, thick lashes. Hair is blonde, and cut short. Saphira has never been out of the Facility she lives in for extended periods of time, so her skin is very pale.

Personality: Compulsively deceptive, and usually a flawless liar. She lacks empathy. Has extensive training in masking her emotions, and in using them to her advantage.At the same time, she's also a teenager. Sometimes her Gouvernment-approved facade crumbles. She's an excellent actor, but sometimes contradicts herself; she can change her apparent personality to better deal with a person or situation.

Skills: Saphira is well-versend in almost all long-, medium-range and close-combat weapons, both new and old. She is proficient in several types of offensive and defensive martial arts. Usually a flawless liar. Naturally fast and strong, agile, and has a lot of stamina.

Flaws: Is very advanced in someways, but extremely undereducated in others. Her head is full of what amounts to gouvernment propaganda. She knows the science of what goes on in people's heads, but she doesn't have much experience in applying that knowledge. Hormones. Little experience in the 'outside world', very used to the rather more comfortable and predictable of the Facility.



Actual history: Saphira only has seven years worth of memories. She remembers her first one clearly. She'd opened her eyes and looked up at a white ceiling, white walls, white floor, and the smiling visage of a man in his thirties. "Hello, Saphira," Doctor Araide had said. She'd felt a moment of unease. Saphira? That doesn't...
She'd settled comfortably into the routine of the Facility.

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PostSubject: Re: Dulce et Decorum est   Dulce et Decorum est Icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2012 10:26 pm

Blegh bad bio didn't know what to write

Name: Timothy Earling

Age: 17

Background: As a youth, his vast intellect provided to be a problem, but Timothy soon learned that feigning ignorance was often the best way to survival. He did not like the world. And it didn't seem to like him either. He never knew his parents and ended up in the government's strange foster care system which meant he never stayed at the same place for a long time. While there was a lot going on in his life, he had always been angry with others. Always. The world was one big messed up dump and it could go rot in hell.
However, he was not one to quickly give up on life. He'd always known he different from other people, and when he became a teenager, already with more knowledge than all the professors at the international university complex, he first found that he was, in fact, different. He could communicate with the world he'd always hated for being against him, and came to realise it was not the world that he hated. In a matter of weeks, he was able to move around objects by simply looking at them, and soon found himself changing the nature of objects, altering them to his own will.
He began to like the world around him once more, and discreetly used his talents to bring all his efforts to a good ending. His first intention was to become the ruler of earth, so that he finally could make others follow his will the same way inanimate objects did. When the first contact was made with alien life, and it turned out to be hostile, he was not surprised. He knew there would be others out there. It was merely a matter of time before we'd run into them. When it turned out they were far superior from a military point of view, however, he could not simply let his dreams of conquest and go to waste. Encouraged by the opportunity to meet one of the Xaldori, whose powers were thought so grand they might be gods, as well as necessity to defend what was rightfully his, Timothy set off to join the games.

Appearance: Timothy's powers allow him to change significant parts of his physique at will, though he is usually seen with long blond hair and a straight, pale face wearing comfortable clothing. He often tends to wear robes, which are completely out-of-style.

~Suzen Twisted Evil

And so, the light believes, with its travel across infinity, nothing can match its speed.
But whenever light reaches it's destination, it weeps, for it has been beaten; darkness was already there.

Dulce et Decorum est Suzen
Yes, I too have gone into the dark path of collecting damns.
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